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Hello. My name is Monica Wreede. I am 35 years old,  married with 3 wonderful children. I have been at stay at home mom for many years. I guess you can say, I get the best of both worlds. To this day I would have never imagined myself establishing 2 businesses from home that I am truly passionate about;-) I have always been creative at heart, being that art class was always my favorite while growing up. I have always had some sort of drive for things that I want to achieve and accomplish that has gotten me this far with my adventures.

I been a children's clothing and accessory designer for over 8 years. Inspiration fell into my lap in 2004 when my beautiful daughter was born. My creative streak was in full swing and I knew I had to make all of the cute accessories for my daughter. Before I knew it my little hobby had turned into a great little business which I named The Boutique Kids. Along the way, I stumbled across designing custom flip flops and headbands with my attached accessories. I knew there was a better solution for my customers so they wouldn't have to purchase the flip flops or headbands from me over and over again, just the accessories. Recently I designed and came up with a removable and interchangeable strap device used to mount accessories to flip flops, headbands and pet collars which is patent pending. That is when my new product and company was born called Accessory Connectz™.

Accessory Connectz™ are the new and simple way to jazz up flip flops, headbands and even pet collars! Our device is used to clip, pin or button on your favorite accessories to your desired item to get the look you want in seconds! We carry a full line of button on accessories that can be used when you are not using your very own accesories! Attach to your exsiting items! There is no need to purchase the expensive stuff. You can create your own look on your very own budget! Got hair accessories at home? With our little device, it makes it super easy to attach to your item of choice and feel no metal clips or pins touching you;-) They are super comfy and you don't even know they are there. Flip flops clips can be very painful and cause irritation and have such a limited selection. With our handy new device, the possibilities are Endless! There are no limitations to what you can clip, pin or button to our product! Our product is Mother & child tested and approved! Women, children(boys & girls), bridal, pets and more can enjoy our new & unique product! Guarenteed fun for all ages!

-Patent pending
-Moms & daughters can match
-Children can match their family pets
-Interchangeable & reusable
-Endless possibilities
-Stretches to Fit 1/2 in.-1 1/2 in widths

Please check out our video to see how it works!



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